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Bringing It Home – WakeJake 5K & After Party

This past weekend we held an event for Jake in our hometown of Brookville. The morning started with a 5K and ended with a rowdy celebration at the K of C. It was amazing to have all our friends from

Jake Walked – I’m traveling for work

OK, quick update for all you awesome Wake Jake supporters. First of all, thanks for keeping up with this and being inspired by Jake. It means a lot that so many people care this much about this. His transition to

Alpha Brain & Fish Oil

  I have been pushing for Jake to start taking Alpha Brain. Up until now, the doctors have disagreed with my theory. At the last hospital in Lafayette, they turned down my idea to give him Fish Oil as well.

Here Comes Jake The Snake

11.12.12 Here comes Jake! Jake’s coming out of this thing just as I thought he would. It’s not easy watching him go through this. It makes it a little easier knowing that I’ll be right by his side through all

Jake is moving around!

Jake is moving his whole body today. They took him off the Propofol sedative so that’s why he’s waking up. The nurse is cutting back on his morphine as well. He doesn’t seem to be feeling any pain. He doesn’t

Jake’s Conditions Are Improving

Jake’s conditions are improving and he’s starting to open his eyes here and there. His nurse Tracy is doing an incredible job taking care of him. She’s also a comedian on the side so that helps. She’s been cracking us

Great News!

Jake is doing a lot better and seems to have finally surpassed his plateau. He’s improving quickly and the nurses are taking some of the first steps to waking him up. This doesn’t mean he’ll be awake real soon but

Keeping spirits high. Trying to remember to eat regularly.

Important stuff first: (Jake’s conditions) The nurse filled me in on a lot of detailed information. Some of it went over my head but I’m starting to learn. I’ll be a nurse before too long!┬áJake is doing a lot better.

The start of No Shave November – Jake is clearly participating

Today has gone rather smooth. We’re all getting used to the fact that Jake has a long road ahead of him. The nurses today are a pleasure to have around and they get a big kick out of him ripping


FYI: Jake was dressed as Thad Castle from Blue Mountain State when he fell down the stairs. Now, on to the updates you’ve all been waiting for. I just got back to the hospital and wanted to provide a recent