FYI: Jake was dressed as Thad Castle from Blue Mountain State when he fell down the stairs.

Now, on to the updates you’ve all been waiting for.
I just got back to the hospital and wanted to provide a recent update for what is going on. The night nurse is here. Her name is Kayleigh and she’s wonderful! I gave her a Heath Bar Cookie. She loved it!
Jake is still in a drug induced coma. He’s paralyzed with Nimbex. He’s sedated with Propofol. He’s draining CSF (cerebral spinal fluid). Yesterday his ICP ventric drain (the thing sticking out of his head) was left unclamped to keep the pressure off. Today it’s been clamped and they’re draining his ICP when it gets to the 20’s. Everything going on right now is expected according to the nurse. The nurse says he hasn’t thrown them any curve balls. He’s tolerating his body temperature much better. No goodsebumps or shivering right now, but earlier today there was some. They were doing thumb twitches yesterday and weren’t getting any response from him. The doctor says it’s OK that he’s not responding to the thumb twitches. When I say thumb twitches I’m referring to a machine attached to his wrist. The machine is called a peripheral nerve stimulator and it’s used to send an electrical signal to the nerves in his wrist which control his fingers. They use it check for responsiveness. The doctor was very pleased this morning about his ICP’s and the amount of drainage he was putting out because it all decreased. The nurse is giving him potassium and lactulose. The lactulose is to help him have a bowel movement. (TMI?) – It’s halloween G.O.I. (get over it).
Today we discussed moving him to Methodist Hospital. We’re going over the pros and cons of doing so. Apparently the helicopter ride wouldn’t be good for his cranial pressure due to elevation. It’s something we’ll talk more about tomorrow.
Overall, he’s doing slightly better. It’s tough to measure his improvement because this is such a slow process.
I wanted to write a little about the good stuff. The donations have been overwhelming to say the least. I cannot believe how amazing you people are that are making these donations. We. did. not. expect. this. at. all. I was throwing up a hail mary when I made that account and sure enough the ball was caught and we scored a touchdown. Words don’t really explain how we feel about all who have donated. You people are doing an amazing thing for an amazing human being. The support from all of you has been what’s keeping us on our feet each day and pushing forward. I know Jake will be very delighted when he realizes what you’ve done. Also, I plan to print out an oversized check when we present it to him. If you aren’t able to donate, it’s not an issue. We still love you and all that we ask is that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I truly believe that all this positive energy from all of you will help him to overcome this condition. Good karma is coming your way.
That’s it for tonight.