The start of No Shave November – Jake is clearly participating

Today has gone rather smooth. We’re all getting used to the fact that Jake has a long road ahead of him. The nurses today are a pleasure to have around and they get a big kick out of him ripping ass constantly. He has almost cleared the room a few times. As I said before, his room clearing abilities are still there.

Today also marks the day that the lovely and talented Kayleigh has left us. She is off until next Thursday and plans to celebrate her birthday in that time. Last night I felt the need to give her a friendship bracelet from Africa along with a Halo Award. Halo Awards are something that this hospital does to recognize great service. I nominated her for her services. The card read something like this: “Very honest, thorough, and conscientious to the patient as well as family and friends.” – She really was very thorough and passionate about her job. It was a pleasure having her as his nurse. Thanks Kayleigh!!
We had a few ideas today for some things to do for Jake. Amber had to go back to Indy to get some work done and Whitney is on her way up. Allie and I are planning to go to Hobby Lobby to make some signs for Jake. One of our ideas is to draw a large thermometer to measure the donations so far. It will look similar to the bar on the Fundly website. I’ll post pics on this once we’re finished.
Another thing I wanted to mention was the overwhelming support we’ve had so far. About 5 or 6 of Jake’s buddies stopped by again today to pay tribute to him. There’s not much anyone can do but it’s nice to have people stop by and show support. It means the world to us to know that we’re not doing this alone. Also, One of our friends’ dad’s works in this unit and he stopped by to day hi today. His name is Rick Swanson and his  kids are our friends, Stephanie and Ben. Ben was on the trip to Aspen with us when we filmed the New Age Pioneers Video. And Stephanie is a friend of mine. We like to party 😉 – I also found out today that the Wilhelms (a large family back home) is supporting us and has my blog and the Fundly account being spread through the family email. The support so far has been incredible and takes a lot off our shoulders. Thanks everyone!
I’ll post more tomorrow! – Time to make some posters.

If you come visit Jake at the hospital, you get to sign this!!!