Jake is moving around!

Jake is moving his whole body today. They took him off the Propofol sedative so that’s why he’s waking up. The nurse is cutting back on his morphine as well. He doesn’t seem to be feeling any pain. He doesn’t have any coordination yet but he’s starting to have brain stimulation to his muscles for the first time in weeks. That’s why we think he’s moving sporadically like he is. He’s jerking around a lot and likes to reach for his junk. The nurse says this is the first thing boys do. It’s kind of like when you’re a kid and start to realize you have a penis and want to grab it. He’s squirming around a lot and almost wiggling his way out of the bed.  Allie is trying to keep him from falling out.The nurse says his movement is good and there are no signs of anything bad. To expand a little on that, there is good movement and bad movement. If they start to curl their arms under it’s a bad sign and could mean brain damage. Jake isn’t making those movements. It’s all good vibes here at the hospital. Oh and he also cleared a few of his frat brothers out today with some gas. Too bad he couldn’t do that little smirk he does when it happened.

As for me, I was able to get in a mountain bike ride today and relieve a ton of stress after some disc golf. Felt good to get out on the trail and ride with my shirt off. That reconnection with mother nature is vital. I got my heart rate up to 191. Feeling great after that!
Wear a helmet people! I’m telling people to wear a helmet when they drive as they leave the hospital. Oh and I keep accidentally calling the hospital a hotel because it feels like a hotel to me. A hotel with incredibly uncomfortable furniture and a poorly designed shower.
B.o.B’s new album is getting me through all of this. I’ve had it on repeat for two weeks. Good stuff! Check it out if you haven’t already.  “Everybody’s looking fresh in the building”
Mom is constantly whispering in his ear about what is going on and comforting him.
…more to come
Godspeed! I love all of you.