Jake’s Conditions Are Improving

Jake’s conditions are improving and he’s starting to open his eyes here and there. His nurse Tracy is doing an incredible job taking care of him. She’s also a comedian on the side so that helps. She’s been cracking us up. OK, she’s not really a comedian but she should be!
It’s important to understand that this will be a long process. It’s not like he will just wake up all at once. As the Propofol slowly wears off he starts to enter the world we live in. His eyes begin to open and he can move them a little. He doesn’t have much response to us due to the Propofol. He’s not experiencing much pain since he’s on morphine at a rate of 5mg/hr. We are standing around him talking to him but we’re not sure how much he can understand. He is not yet able to squeeze our hand or wiggle his toes. But as he progresses he should be able to before long.
Keepin’ positive thoughts.
It’s time for the weekend!