Keeping spirits high. Trying to remember to eat regularly.

Important stuff first: (Jake’s conditions)
The nurse filled me in on a lot of detailed information. Some of it went over my head but I’m starting to learn. I’ll be a nurse before too long! Jake is doing a lot better. Today his intercranial pressure was spiking a bit. The nurse was clamping and unclamping his ICP about every half hour. It’s currently up and they have him unclamped. His spinal fluid is clear. The only trace of blood is from when he was bleeding a few days ago and it stained the tubes. It’s great news that he’s no longer bleeding. The nurses are doing a great job of taking care of him. They say everything is going as expected so far. Amber picked him up some mittens to keep his hands warm. It’s better than having his hands wrapped with blankets. The flaps can be opened to allow ventilation when needed. The Propofol is keeping him very sedated. His brain activity is very low. In case you didn’t know, Propofol is the stuff that Michael Jackson overdosed on. No wonder his doctor got in so much trouble for giving it to him. As for medical updates, not much else has changed. I will post any sudden changes as they occur.
Today was good, we had a lot of visitors. There were two groups that stopped by at the same time. Some Purdue Betas were here and a group of DG girls came too. Some of the girls were talking about how Jake was making them breakfast burritos before breakfast club homecoming weekend. I was with him that day at Breakfast club. One of my best friends/fraternity brothers came down from Chicago today too. He took my mom, sister, and I to dinner. It was good to get out of the hospital for a bit again.
Yesterday was good too. Some good friends came up from Brookville. My cousins came up from Cincinnati as well. My cousin is a nurse so she gave us some great insight to what’s going on. Her input was very helpful. It means a lot to have family and friends stopping by. It’s amazing how much support we have had. Thanks and keep it coming! We had visitors until about 4:30. Once everyone left Amber, Whitney and I went on campus to watch the Purdue game. Our plan was to go to the tailgate fields but it was too cold. It was nice to get our minds off the situation for a bit and hang with some great friends. I ran into a great friend/fraternity brother at Harry’s. He was with his wife and a few friends. It was great seeing them. We had ourselves a little college bars then junk food kind of night.
We’re promoting like crazy for an event coming up this Thursday at Brothers to raise funds for Jake. Amber designed a T-shirt and we’re working on a flyer to place allover campus. We need people to help put flyers up on campus this week. Tons of people have reached out asking how they can offer help and this is a perfect way to do exactly that. The more people we have on board, the bigger this event can be. The event is Thursday and I want the biggest turnout possible. We also ordered bracelets that say: “Wake Jake” “#TeamSchonesRecovery”. Those won’t be in until the weekend but I’ll be selling them for $5 and will likely give them to anyone who donated to The Team Schones Recovery Fund. 
We’re working on an event for Harry’s too! – I have made progress but will wait to post details until it becomes reality.
Here is what the shirts will look like: (This QR code links directly to the Team Schones Fund site. Download the app ScanLifeScan, or RedLaser and simply take a picture of the barcode with it and it will take you directly to the donations page!!! Man I love this technology world we live in.) Do it now! It’s fun!
We’ll also be putting flyers up at The Hairman in Lafayette. My friend Stephanie owns it and she is allowing us to put up flyers and sell bracelets there. If you’re hair is getting long and you need a trim, go see Stephanie! Even if you don’t need a haircut, you should stop by! She’s awesome! Once the shirts come in, I’d like to have them for sale at The Hairman. That’s assuming Stephanie is OK with that. Check them out on Facebook! The Hairman
I have other things to work on and will post more as things progress. Sorry for the short post on his conditions but not much has changed.
Spreading love and good vibes!
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