Jake Walked – I’m traveling for work

OK, quick update for all you awesome Wake Jake supporters. First of all, thanks for keeping up with this and being inspired by Jake. It means a lot that so many people care this much about this.

His transition to Cincinnati has gone great. I personally have not been to his new room due to work travel but will be there this weekend. Mom likes the new hospital and she is allowed to stay there with him. Our cousin is a nurse there so it is very comforting to know we have a family member helping him. So far a few of our cousins have visited him and some of his high school/grade school buddies have stopped by as well. It’s also great that he’s closer to home because now all our great friends/family there can support. Tons of people have hit me up about visiting him and offering help. It’s amazing to have so much support.

There’s already talk about maybe starting a 5k and possibly a canoe trip dedicated to Jake and to raise money. It would be nice to maybe make them annual and raise money for a head injury foundation or brain science foundation. Let me know if you have any experience with any head injury foundations. I’ll be researching some in the meantime. I’m also working on having another bar event at a local bar near home. If you know of any interested in hosting one, contact me. I’ll be starting with The Horseshoe which is a bar we frequent when we’re all home.

There are shirts available around Brookville and Cincinnati now. A friend of mine, Seth Simonson has a few available and the rest are at our house. If you’re interested in a Wake Jake shirt and live around Brookville/Cincy you can pick them up rather than pay shipping on the site.

Jake’s Progress

I’ve been getting updates from my mom since I’ve been on the road for work. The day he left he was at the hospital in Indy and was able to speak sentences to my mom. She asked if he was hungry for his breakfast and he said: “No, you can have it.” He also saw her sitting there and must have thought she looked bored because he said: “Mom, you can leave if you want.” What a stud, he’s been taking this so well since he woke up. I remember the day he first opened his eyes. I cried my eyes out just thinking about what he was about to wake up to. That was like 3 weeks ago. I didn’t know if he would be sad/mad/scared or how he would handle it. But so far he has handled it great. He’s real chill and acts like it’s just a part of life. That’s Jake for ya. Sums him up pretty well. He can handle just about anything. Whenever any of our buddies texts me about Jake or talks about his situation. They all seem to say something similar and it goes something like this: “He’s a bada$$ and a fighter, he’ll pull through.” That cannot be more true. And he’s currently proving that as we speak.

Recent Progress

He brushed his own teeth.

He showered himself.

He walked on his own with and without a walker.

He’s doing much better standing up.

He’s trying to get out of bed at night and Lissa can’t sleep. They put him in a bed that has a tent over it so he can’t get up. My mom is losing sleep not being able to stay up with him. I’ll be relieving her this weekend.

I’m talking to my mom on the phone right now as I type this and she said he asked her : “Is that JT?” He’s really tired and doesn’t have his talking valve so we can’t talk but I will try to chat with him this weekend.

That’s all for now. See you all on the flip side…

Side Note:

I never doubted Jake would progress to where he is today. The thought of him not recovering 100% has yet to enter my mind. Our minds are a powerful thing. He has helped me to realize that ANYTHING is possible.

I’ve recently posted a blog post to convey a new direction that I’m taking my life. Here it is: Inspired To Change My Life Forever – Do Big Things

Thanks a million to all of you who are supporting and we’re not giving up anytime soon. None of this would be possible without all the support from YOU.

Stay awesome.

3 Comments on “Jake Walked – I’m traveling for work

  1. I’ve been following the whole time. I’m friends of friends of some of your college buddies. Long story short you’ve inspired all of us through your writing and i feel like i know you. However i have come to find out you were a Sig Ep with my older brother. Small world, i wish you guys the best and maybe can hit the slopes sometime my brothers and I are pretty Avid Skiers/snowboarders. take care

    Andy Regan

    • Thanks man! It has been a crazy journey indeed. Jake is doing great now. We just got back from Colorado. I’ll try to update the blog here and there. Who is your brother?


      • My Brother Mike Regan is Pretty crazy i’m sure you’ve heard of him. Where about in Colorado? I’ve got my epic pass so if you ever need another person feel free to give me a holler. Glad to see this nightmare is finally coming to end for you and your family.

        Andy Regan