Jake Talked Today

This morning Jake was able to identify all of us family members. The speech therapist asked my mom to show pictures to him to get him to talk. She first showed him a picture of our dad and he sad “Dad”. Then the speech therapist asked him who our mom was and he said “Lissa”. She then showed him a picture of me, my sister, our dogs Zeke and Harley. He was able to name all of us off: “J.T.”, “Amber”, “Zeke”, & “Harley”. I wasn’t there to see it but I believe it happened. When I got here today he wouldn’t say my name. I’m going to try to get it on video.

The hospital also made a video of me talking next to Jake for their website today. Here is a short clip from that video. You can also see how Jake is responding. When that video is posted on their site I will post a link to it.

Seton Hospital Interview (clip)

Here is a video of Jake eating his favorite snack. This is the first thing he has eaten on his own in about a month.

Jake Ate Fishy Crackers