Where are YOUR (yes you!) comments?

OK, so my blog is blowing up with visitors! It went from under 1,000 hits 2 weeks ago to over 4,000 today! I know most of this traffic is from concerned readers interested in Jake’s story (Awesome!) But I’d also like to start writing about other things in life when this is all over. I’m flattered that this many people are taking a peek, but what I can’t figure out is why no one is commenting or following my blog. I think I have one follower and I’m not even sure who it is. His name is “Tits”. Thanks Tits! I’d like to be able to tailor the information I provide to what you’re looking for. Most of the feedback I’ve received has been via Facebook and in person. It’s been greatly appreciated and mostly all good! It would help me provide what you want if you post a few comments here and there. It will also help me progress my writing. That’s how a lot of my role models progress their blogs and I’d like to do the same. Since I’m spilling my guts on the keyboard, you can offer me your input! The good, the bad, the fun, the sad – post your thoughts!

Love you all!


(By the way, the support from everyone is incredible! I’m looking forward to the event this Thursday. It’s tough juggling work, the blog, and all this fundraising for Jake. All I can think about is Jake being OK)