Random words of wisdom as I was driving home last night

Jake will come out of this stronger than he was before.
He’s a tough kid and that’s what he did last time he was in a situation like this. There’s no doubt in my mind. No, seriously he’s like Superman. It’s crazy.
Today was the day I had to leave the hospital for the first time. It’s Tuesday night a little after midnight. Had to leave town for business but I’ll be back tomorrow night. My mind is racing just thinking about him. It’s like a crazy whirlwind of thoughts. Seriously, how does this stuff always happen? But, I realize I can’t think that way right now. It’s important to focus on the now. It’s a bit tough to control my mind when I am not there with him.
Today the nurse told me that she asked the doctor whether or not Jake should be getting fish oil. According to her, he said it causes the brain to bleed. I’m not sold on his theory.