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Bringing It Home – WakeJake 5K & After Party

This past weekend we held an event for Jake in our hometown of Brookville. The morning started with a 5K and ended with a rowdy celebration at the K of C. It was amazing to have all our friends from

Jake’s Coming Home & A Special Thanks

; Jake got to leave the hospital for the second time on Christmas. It was the first time he got to ride in a car. It was awesome having him in my passengers seat finally! We had about a 25


Most of my updates will slowly be transitioning to my other blog since “WakeJake” isn’t really relevant anymore. He’s Awake! Check out my new post on his recovery.    

Jake IS Back!

It’s insane how fast Jake is progressing. Today he showed me that he is himself again. Just from the texts he sent me and what he had to say, I can tell he’s completely back. He’s always been my bro,

Baby Marley Supporting Wake Jake Video

Thanks to Megan Moore Your browser does not support the video tag

Wake Jake Has Hit 19 Countries

It’s incredible that this blog has hit 19 countries. It shows the power of social media and that people still have huge hearts out there. Thanks for all the support!

Cincy Hospital

  The nurses put Jake in a wheel chair with a seat belt to keep him in it. He reached down and undid the seat belt so he could get out. Thatta boy. I told him to keep it up.

Jake Walked – I’m traveling for work

OK, quick update for all you awesome Wake Jake supporters. First of all, thanks for keeping up with this and being inspired by Jake. It means a lot that so many people care this much about this. His transition to

Jake Talked Today

This morning Jake was able to identify all of us family members. The speech therapist asked my mom to show pictures to him to get him to talk. She first showed him a picture of our dad and he sad

Next Stop – Cincinnnati

This has all been incredible. First of all, thank all of you who have reached out to me in real life and in the digital world about what I’m doing for Jake. I appreciate it, but it’s just a normality