Jake Smiled Today

Today was the first day Jake didn’t thrash around in the bed. He was very relaxed. He was rather sedated most of the day because they turned up his meds. When we asked why, they said “it was the doctor’s orders”. I was looking for a better answer. Some things don’t make sense.

He nodded his head “yes” and “no” to a few questions. He shrugged his shoulders that he didn’t know the answer to a question as well. Today was also the first day that he smiled!

They took him off the fish oil today because it seemed to be causing him stomach pains. The Alpha Brain is still being administered.

Some days are harder than others. It’s tough waking up every morning and realizing that this isn’t just my worst nightmare. It is indeed my current reality.

For those of you who ordered merchandise online, I started processing those orders today and they will be shipped out tomorrow. Please send me pics of your WakeJake gear when you get it. I’ll post them on the blog. If you haven’t ordered anything yet, click “Shop” at WakeJake.com and order up! We built the site to make it easier for people to order shirts and wristbands.

We’re looking forward to this Thursday for the 2nd event at Brothers. If you’re in the area,  be sure to come by Brothers around 8pm. I’m also recruiting 9-10 people to help us run the event. It’s actually fun to work a fundraiser at a bar while simultaneously building good karma by helping a great cause. Contact me if you’re interested.

That’s all folks…




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