Jake’s room smells like an aquarium…

…and we’re all dressed like doctors.

Jake’s room smells like an aquarium from all the fish oil in his system. They had turned up his dosage to 3,000 mg of fish oil per day. That’s a rather heavy dose. It’s more than what I take every day. If you’re not already taking fish oil, hopefully this will encourage you to start taking it.

He somehow got an infection in his bowels so we have to wear blue gowns in his room. Amber’s picking a zit on his face with rubber gloves. She’s acting like the nurse. It’s pretty funny. I laughed out loud even though I’m hungover from tailgating at the Purdue vs. IU game yesterday. Which by the way, Purdue took the bucket!

Today we had visitors who went through this same experience 2 years ago. You can read about their story on CaringBridge.org if you search “allisonangel”. It is inspiring to have someone tell us about their experience. They brought us office supplies to organize all the paperwork and showed us their scrapbook. We are starting a scrapbook for Jake now. If you have pictures with Jake that you would like for me to put in the scrapbook, please send them to me. We will have to help him remember his friends by showing him pictures. It would be great to have pictures from memorable experiences he has had. For example, when he was in China. All you bros who went with him should send pictures to this bro.

Jake’s room is decorated with Purdue gear now.

Send good vibes his way!