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Team Schones Recovery Conditions Update

Quick update: His intercranial pressure is down from the 40s to about 9. (10.30.12 @9:36 pm) I’m currently sitting next to his bed unable to take my eyes off of him. I would do anything for him and it kills

Random words of wisdom as I was driving home last night

Jake will come out of this stronger than he was before. He’s a tough kid and that’s what he did last time he was in a situation like this. There’s no doubt in my mind. No, seriously he’s like Superman.

Wake Jake – #TeamSchonesRecovery (My little brother is in a coma)

10.28.12 (Jake has a challenge ahead and I’ll be right by his side) Long story short: My little brother Jake has taken a nasty spill down a set of unforgiving concrete steps. This happened 2 days ago and he’s currently