My Lil’ Bro Is Rockin’ Right Along

Our Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol stopped by today and dropped off some pictures of us from when we were little. Here is my favorite from that stack. This is Jake and I when we were little. I believe we

Jake Laughed!

Yesterday was a big shock to me. When I first walked in Jake’s room in the morning he was sitting up in a chair. As I entered the room he made direct eye contact with me as if he hasn’t

Jake Smiled Today

Today was the first day Jake didn’t thrash around in the bed. He was very relaxed.┬áHe was rather sedated most of the day because they turned up his meds. When we asked why, they said “it was the doctor’s orders”.

Alpha Brain & Fish Oil

  I have been pushing for Jake to start taking Alpha Brain. Up until now, the doctors have disagreed with my theory. At the last hospital in Lafayette, they turned down my idea to give him Fish Oil as well.

Jake’s room smells like an aquarium…

…and we’re all dressed like doctors. Jake’s room smells like an aquarium from all the fish oil in his system. They had turned up his dosage to 3,000 mg of fish oil per day. That’s a rather heavy dose. It’s

Phase II – Jake Moves to Indy & Fish Oil

[I apologize ahead of time, WordPress is jamming all my posts together without paragraph spacing] Jake is still pushing through this. He’s come a long way so far but still has a lot of work to do. I’m not leaving

Here Comes Jake The Snake

11.12.12 Here comes Jake! Jake’s coming out of this thing just as I thought he would. It’s not easy watching him go through this. It makes it a little easier knowing that I’ll be right by his side through all

Jake is moving around!

Jake is moving his whole body today. They took him off the Propofol sedative so that’s why he’s waking up. The nurse is cutting back on his morphine as well. He doesn’t seem to be feeling any pain. He doesn’t

Qdoba Fundraiser!

Qdoba on campus will be hosting a fundraiser on Tuesday, November 13th. Please stop by and get your meal at Qdoba on Tuesday! Fraternities and Sororities should skip a meal that day and eat at: Qdoba Mexican Grill 139 Northwestern

Jake’s Conditions Are Improving

Jake’s conditions are improving and he’s starting to open his eyes here and there. His nurse Tracy is doing an incredible job taking care of him. She’s also a comedian on the side so that helps. She’s been cracking us