Jake Laughed!

Yesterday was a big shock to me. When I first walked in Jake’s room in the morning he was sitting up in a chair. As I entered the room he made direct eye contact with me as if he hasn’t been in the hospital for a month to the date. It was like the normal Jake was sitting there as he looked over at me. It was a bit heart wrenching. I didn’t expect that. He was totally there, yet unresponsive.

After a few hours in the hospital, I took a break to go for a bike ride on the mountain bike trail.

That was yesterday.

Today, I played a few of my videos from my Vimeo channel for Jake. He remembered the Cliff Jumping video because when I asked him if he did to squeeze my hand, he did. He was the star of that one. He did double backflips and double gainers. Rock on!

Today he listened to some Imagine Dragons as I showed him pictures that I’ve accumulated throughout the Wake Jake campaign. When I played “It’s Time” he smiled a little and I asked him to squeeze my hand if he remembered it. He squeezed! We went to their concert in Indy and sat VIP a few months before the accident. Since Imagine Dragons is such happy music I plan to keep playing it for him in his room.

He’s not yet responsive enough to talk back. But he did stand up with some help today and yesterday and is able to smile a little. He can also shrug his shoulders a little.

The nurse said she’s NEVER seen someone advance this quickly in such a short amount of time in their recovery from a head injury. I’d like to attribute that to the Fish Oil and Alpha Brain I suggested for him but it’s probably all him. He’s a bada$$ mofo and can get through anything.

I made sure to tell him all about the Brothers Event and Qdoba fundraiser. I told him that about 100 people are wearing the Wake Jake shirts mounted below his TV. He smiled a little when I told him that too. He is now aware that there are 200 more shirts on the way and another event at Brothers tomorrow.

When I walked in today his amazing nurse Jane introduced me to him as his brother and business manager. I’ll take it. I got you bro.

He smiled and laughed today! I’m trying to upload a video too but can’t get it to work with WordPress right now. To be continued…



We ran into the nurses from Jake’s floor at the bar and did a toast to Jake!

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